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  • embak : Cause of «link» end of support (Dominic Herbest shut down crysis wars ex login server) - actually p-stats network was closed in 27 october 2019, but crysis wars ex login server was closed today (Dominic warn me about that). We should to close crysis wars project because no one can login anymore - or I should to remake crysis wars patch - without using crysis wars EX mod .... for example: clean Crysis Wars without any mod using (same as German crysis) or using only server side mods ... Srysis Wars EX was not only server side mod - they was client side mod too. We all will wait for German Crysis official statement about this, but seems Doc is on vacation now and can't answer ...
  • embak : Merry christmas to all :evil:
  • embak : Христос воскресе ! Мир вам.
  • -DES-Nostradamus : Hi all! Who play there?
  • desislava : :arrow:
  • desislava : Христос воскресе ! Мир вам
  • embak : I don't care about useless cri ser mod who nobody use, мне не интересует никому не нужной мод, которий никто не изпользует, if you need something else - i am here and will try my best to help :oops:
  • SwedeSeaDragon : И ущё для всех админов-я выложил сюда ссылки на автозагрузку через levelrotation,из учите пожалуйста,может быть вы сможете и здесь запустить их через автозагрузки карт,спасибо )
  • SwedeSeaDragon : Ембак,я имею некоторые идеи,я понимаю,ты занятой человек,мой скайп : swedeseadragon. Если будет свободное времечко выйди на меня,спасибо,с уважением ,SwedeSeaDragon, :) ))
  • SwedeSeaDragon : Hi All,hi my dear friend Embak))).I start server in CriSer sistem and Host Crysis Wars Sistem
  • desislava : :-P happy new 2018 :-o lets the God give :x health and happiness to you all :twisted:
  • embak : due to unexpected difficulties from our ISP (not dependent on us), the Internet of the servers will be restored within 1 hour. we apologise for the inconvenience
  • embak : there is new Crysis «link»
  • SwedeSeaDragon : Will be new Crysis or not :oops:
  • SwedeSeaDragon : Что у Нас с развитием ,будет ли следующий Крайзёррр на хороших больших мультиплейрных картах как в С 1,CW?
  • SwedeSeaDragon : Всем привет :)
  • desislava : Cause some questions, I wish to be perfectly clear than we do NOT work with USA (not ship to USA, not support servers and/or players (admins) from USA
  • desislava : :arrow:
  • dozA : Thank. In addition I want to ask to change the time limit on the server PS-Large. Make 3 hours. 240 minutes very tiring :idea: :evil: :)
  • embak : done :oops:
  • dozA : Urgent need to restart the server PS-Large !!! Players can not be reborn :-(
  • Kirkudu : С новым 2017 годом!
  • desislava : merry christmas & happy new 2017 :x
  • desislava : Our BitCoin Address are: 1Maria4bxUuznLxJBUuYbEv3dAuh2p7T7L after payment or donation notify me (here on forum) and contact me
  • embak : «link» Instructions for all Crysis versions (english and russian languages), and for Crysis Wars Steam version you can see instruction here «link» and here exist instruction for other Crysis Wars versions «link»
  • Kafis : YEEES :) Im back and play :) :cool:
  • Kafis : I have the original packaging and I'm unlucky
  • Kafis : «email»
  • Kafis : I'd like to play Crysis Wars, but I do not know how to proceed with the installation .... need simple advice .... Email: «email» :???:
  • -DES-Nostradamus : Христос воскрес!
  • -DES-stas2012 : во истоино воскрес! :cool:
  • desislava : Христос Воскрес. Мир вам :)
  • -DES-stas2012 : Hi all!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!качаю в торент кризис.......... :cool: :evil:
  • desislava : if Crysis 1 multiplayer servers kick you - choice and follow suitable for you guide: «link»
  • -DES-NaglyKot : :idea:
  • -DES-Nostradamus : ого 18 человек, давно я не играл с кучей народа)
  • embak : Скачать Crysis Wars «link» отсюда и идите - вместе сново постреляемся. Вечером не мало народу (15-18 человек) :twisted: A если больше нравиться Crysis скачать «link» отсюда
  • -DES-VDGS : ну и че молчим??), может по пивку.. :idea:
  • Kirkudu : Всем привет :)
  • embak : :oops: друзя
  • -DES-VDGS : привет -DES-Nostradamus :)
  • -DES-Nostradamus : Привет Эмбак, как дела? Привет всем кто знает и не знает меня!
  • embak : CryEngine is free only that week and every Crysis & Crytek lover & fan can buy & support Crytek for that amazing engine «link»
  • -DES-RedMan : «link» - Crysis download free: click on "скачать Crysis torrent" banner Up-Left on the screen. That is all :cool:
  • -DES-RedMan : Thanks :)
  • Dj : «link» - Crysis Wars download free: click on "скачать Crysis Wars EX torrent" banner Up-Left on the screen. That is all :cool:
  • -DES-RedMan : Hello guys, can u give me some good link for free download crysis wars and for crysis download free ?
  • desislava : If Crysis servers kick you download & install Crysis Multiplayer Patch from my guides. Crysis Multiplayer Maps can be downloaded too «link» Тут можно скачать мультиплеерный патч для Crysis и мультиплеерных карт
  • dembel68 : Hello friends
  • desislava : WARNING: New accounts created on that site have one day to set him names and avatars - without that settings they will be automatically DELETED next day. There is «link» to our Steam forums ( for Steam users )
  • -DES-stas2012 : Hi All>> :cool:
  • -DES-embak : Happy new year Shitman :twisted: and by the way I still waiting for you in Crysis :cry: (more than 1 year) :evil:
  • SHITMAN : Happy and Better New Year Old Gamers !! I not forget here the Friends! :twisted:
  • -DES-VDGS : Happy New Year, my old and new friends) :) :-P :twisted:
  • desislava : Happy New Year my friend :x see you in Crysis soon :evil:
  • Kirkudu : With coming New Year!!! С наступающим Новым Годом!!!
  • SwedeSeaDragon : Всем Здравствуйте господа товарищи,рад что всё потихонечку развивается,хочу добавить карты к тем,что ранее я представил для того чтобы игра стала разнообразнее и интереснее,всем привет и спасибо)))
  • -DES-embak : :shock: that's imposible , noo that can :| be true. My old friend Phil is here :oops: my friend. Here are instruction «link» for crysis multiplayer, Crysis Wars multiplayer is alive too «link» comeee :twisted: Homefront server work too
  • SHITMAN : .......Hey !! put down τηε βεερ ανδ ανςερ μεεεεεεεεεεεε
  • SHITMAN : Hey embak you are busy to kick ass there,,The crysis even exist??
  • SHITMAN : Holly shit ! i have desire to kill someone ,,i mean in game ehehhe!! but i not can :-(
  • SHITMAN : Hello everyone !! Good game for all !!
  • -DES-embak : all work and are full with players, every day play 20 - 30 people (but only at night CET time) :-( Russia time that will be 2 - 3 at morning)
  • Alex626 : I mean the patch from germancrysis
  • Alex626 : Is Crysis Wars EX / Wars Multiplayer still working?
  • Alex626 : Hey Embak!
  • catanativu : hi all :evil: HOMEFRONT is dead :( Rest in Peace HOMEFRONT :cry:
  • -DES-embak : Crysis Multiplayer fans who wish to talk in game read here «link» читайте сюда как разговаривать в Crysis
  • desislava : WARNING: New accounts created on that site have one day to set him names and avatars - without that settings they will be automatically DELETED after one day :x Hi VDGS
  • -DES-VDGS : hi all :)
  • -DES-embak : Watch «link» Unreal Engine 4 First Person Shooter demo. That is the best (at the moment) & FREE for all developers :grin: gaming engine. That year will exit many FPS games builded on it. Guys please support small developers and him amazing Unreal Engine 4 products «link» That FPS are my personal choice - I will buy him product for to support him job
  • Alex626 : I don't like UE4. Its code is redundant, it's not OOP, it's a module programming.... The engine is built entirely with flowgraphs... Not that good.
  • -DES-embak : The new era of gaming industry is coming my friend - soon big studios like Activision , EA and other will be no more because the best (at this moment) Unreal Engine 4 «link» are absolutely FREE for all and all who wish can begin to create games :idea: and sell him. Nobody will use Cryengine-3 or other engines when most perfect engine all around the world are absolutely FREE ? Who will pay for Cryengine-3 or for others engines and build games on it if the best engine are free ? Nobody !!! all game's industry will go away soon. There is a small part of Unreal Engine 4 games who will come soon «link»
  • Alex626 : "Unbelievable and amazing. But. Guys, seriously, Crysis 3? Crysis 3 was a big piece of shit, comparing to the first Crysis game. Take that in account. Crysis/Wars multiplayer was active since 2008 to 2014, and its small part is active now (even after EA shut down the servers). People would like to see the Power Struggle mode with Nanosuit 1, playing it like RTS with a nuclear tanks and helicopters, using the old good mechanics which has recommended itself for almost 7(!!!) years, on a maps such as Mesa, Steel Mill, Quarry, Crossroads.... Of course, Crytek is too supid to realize that. They will force the CoD clone named "Crysis 3" all over everywhere, they don't give a fuck about community of their own players. «link»
  • -DES-embak : :oops: bb my friend and let's the God always give to you and your family Health and happiness
  • SHITMAN : Tell to VAN40,and to Bad Girl Desislava many many many greetings !! ΒΒ
  • SHITMAN : the life is long,maybe some time :twisted:
  • -DES-embak : :twisted: will be nice
  • -DES-embak : they give to me few maps made by Greece clan
  • SHITMAN : if i live in north Greece i wil come there for beer 1-2 days,we are close
  • -DES-embak : few players from Greece clan play too but in Crysis-1
  • -DES-embak : Russian friends make special group for as in him Russian facebook «link» and every day show how many people play. Crysis is alive, only our Wars is dead
  • SHITMAN : i want to kick the ass of SUCUN !! ehehhe he is good friend
  • SHITMAN : ooo :!: :!: :!: i need to play,,i try my best
  • -DES-embak : they all are here, and check desislava site from time to time, Sucun and many others ask me about you , they are so many - I don't remember they all but they remember as and our funny matches
  • SHITMAN : now last time i moc in face book someone for funny
  • SHITMAN : because the old friends not play more
  • -DES-embak : desislava still play from time to time but have no more fun at all , no jokes, and she stop to play Wars :idea:
  • SHITMAN : yeaaa this is the meaning of the games,not only the high score
  • -DES-embak : only strong players stay (all are stronger than me), I miss matches for fun, I dont like PRO matches :-o I resurrect Crysis for as and for our funny matches only :twisted:
  • -DES-embak : GermanCrysis have many players every day, we have few only
  • -DES-embak : all crysis community are dead, only we and GermanCrysis are alive
  • SHITMAN : :( i have desire to come old friend
  • -DES-embak : In crysis exist few players from Athenas too :) but they never see you in game
  • SHITMAN : aha! i see 1-2 friends there stay playing
  • -DES-embak : yesterday was 20 people only in Crysis «link»
  • -DES-embak : That was before one week in German Crysis «link»
  • SHITMAN : the Ivan is good kid last time ?? ehehhe
  • SHITMAN : i see this last time,,to many play there
  • SHITMAN : i try my best to repair,only to come to acxion again with jokew and more mockery words
  • -DES-embak : look homefront are full with players ;)
  • -DES-embak : :cry:
  • SHITMAN : last time before 1 month i setup the homefrond and crysis 1 again and the pc burn the cpu
  • -DES-embak : I resurrect crysis for as my friend (before one year crysis was closed cause GameSpy closing procedures) and now GermanCrysis are so popular all around the world
  • SHITMAN : my thoughts are not left friends here
  • SHITMAN : I breke my pc before time,from nerves,,,never working good,
  • -DES-embak : In crysis exist many players, in wars are few only.
  • -DES-embak : Phil, come back to Crysis, you miss me a lot :cry:
  • SHITMAN : 5 fucking years pay pay pay more more taxis and not finish
  • SHITMAN : only the weather is good,nothing more
  • SHITMAN : Soon we finish the economic crisis with failure!!!
  • -DES-embak : hello my old friend, how are weather in Greece ?
  • silentcool : embak are u here ?
  • SHITMAN : The heat weather come and bring cool beers
  • SHITMAN : to long time i have to get here,,Greetings to all old Friends
  • SHITMAN : Hello fuckeeeeersssss! !! how are you aall
  • -DES-embak : all reset to default EX mode (Crysis Wars didn't exist anymore, no chance to reset to default Crysis Wars) i_restricteditems command didn't exist in EX mode, but I restrict by other way - please test all :oops:
  • desislava : Becoming authorized Big Brother Bot «link» host we receive the newest official 64 bit. ( all HomeFront players can see that with in game chat command: !b3 and !paversion ) B3 ultra-fast version with more and enhanced chat commands ( all commands in HomeFront should to begin with symbol ! ) Enjoy our real (not cloud) dedicated server power. Here «link» Homefront players can see him kill/death stats. Report cheaters here «link»
  • desislava : WARNING: New accounts created on that site have one day to set him names and avatars - without that settings they will be automatically DELETED after one day :x
  • desislava : We start two new servers: Homefront demo server are online - thesse «link» maps «link» may be required to play in our Homefront server, and new S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat server are online too :grin: Enjoy the zero lag power with our servers «link» and feel free to test all. :evil:
  • desislava : all my servers are (and was) Dx10 enabled from the beginning :idea: but thanks :oops: I enable only day/night cycle (day/night cycle are not Dx10) :x
  • dozA : хочу от души поблагодарить администратора, который поставил DX10 на PS-LARGE! :twisted:
  • -DES-embak : ок, ответил
  • dozA : в личку написал тебе прочти сообщение
  • -DES-embak : «link» here can be seen server prices. Write PM to me in forum «link» what we should to do, what game (crysis-1 , crysis wars , stalker , Homefront) or another game (first we should to make server and turn him online and if all are OK - finally you should to pay for server.....
  • dozA : в какой ссылке я могу заказать сервер?
  • -DES-embak : FOR EXAMPLE: how to enter in Maverick Server located in USA who are not in server list - click down right on button "CONNECT TO IP" «link» enter server IP and PORT and click on "CONNECT" button «link» - that is all
  • dozA : да, спасибо :)
  • -DES-embak : :twisted: работает ?
  • -DES-embak : Same Crysis-1 mod in our forum «link»
  • -DES-embak : for more info ask AlphA, but I think No
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : Is "flying" still possible?
  • -DES-embak : Highly recommend that «link» to all Crysis-1 users, Graphics :?: stay great !!! Русские сюда «link»
  • -DES-alpHa : i'm here to help, just keep in touch friend =)
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : first i have too learn everything again. i forgot a lot! :grin:
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : :twisted:
  • -DES-embak : Now you can obtain FULL admin rights in desislava server and can use !bank commands in GermanCrysis servers and in new Fusion.UESE server too :twisted: cheers admin
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : Hi embak, NOW i found PM.. ( silly me :???: ) Everything work, thank you!
  • -DES-embak : Caesar, check your PM in desislava forum here «link» and use that proffile/password for to obtain admin rights. Please DELETE in game DEFAULT profile and then make NEW profile with name CaesarBravo :oops: here «link» you can see all server commands, and if you wish to use in game, need to print to paper :)
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : Hi alpha, i go to desislava-server :-o
  • -DES-embak : dozA's stats in ESL (Electronic Sports Legaue) «link» And here detail body stats «link» and here All rounds finished «link»
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : Hi Alpha, old friend. I will, for sure.
  • -DES-alpHa : tell me on skype when you play caesar !!
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : HI embak, thanks for the link. It works now again. Right now i played crysis after 2 years pause! Great!! :evil:
  • -DES-embak : Crysis 1 have so many players ( more than Wars :-( ) Install the latest official German Crysis patch from here «link» All languages are supported :oops:
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : i want to play crysis 1 in multyplay. Is there any server still alive? How can i connect to server?
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : Good evening!
  • -DES-embak : Wars is NOT empty anymore :) every day play 15-20 people on servers :evil:
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : thank you!
  • desislava : you will obtain the same admin rights as before, and your "right" hand will be your moderator Alpha. Your rights can be used after master server restart (tomorrow at the morning) in desislava server. That is all. Thank you Sir. Thank you for support :oops:
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : desi, can you pls help me to find personal message? thanks
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : Hi desi, thank you! Sad to hear this but nothing is for ethernity. At least AlPha is here, he was the best trainer i had in crysis and the best character.
  • desislava : Hi my Crysis admin, you have Personal Message in forum. By the way together with out partners from GermanCrysis we safe Crysis from GameSpy doom. I wish to you and your family all the best from the bottom of my heart. (P.S. Your right hand will be only AlPha because all others leave ...)
  • -DES-CaesarBravo : Hi, old friends, happy new year for you and healty 2015!
  • -DES-VDGS : Happy New Year, Friends :)
  • desislava : happy new 2015 :evil: friends
  • -DES-alpHa : Hello guys, Happy New Year to everybody !! :evil:
  • SHITMAN : HELO old friends!! I wish to all happy Christmas with health and one more wish to play again all somewhere
  • BERG : Спасибо.
  • -DES-embak : Battlefield-3 cost only €0,99 this weekend on Origin «link» Battlefield-3 стоить только €0,99 сеичась :cool: идите, постреляемся
  • BERG : Привет всем. Где теперь весь народ играет, те кто играл на desislava?
  • -DES-VDGS : хорошо)
  • -DES-VDGS : -DES-embak ты че там пива напился?? :twisted: Че молчишь?? :arrow: , друг мой
  • -DES-VDGS : А что именно запланированно сделать с Crysis Wars?) Привет :)
  • desislava : «link» mean - I have finished my job in Crysis-1 with great success (flowers are my prise from the community). Это значит - я закончила свою работу в Crysis-1 с большим успехом (цветы это мой приз от сообщества). Now I begin to work for Crysis Wars. Теперь я начинаю работать для Crysis Wars.
  • -DES-NaglyKot : :idea:
  • desislava : «link»
  • -DES-embak : для ВСЕ Дети которье бьли дбрие - на форуме подарок от дед мороз - «link»
  • -DES-VDGS : я тоже взял) :)
  • -DES-embak : How to install the latest Crysis patch instruction about multiplayer and download «link» Сюда самии новии пач (мультик) для Крйсис.
  • Kirkudu : Embak,привет. Спасибо за ссылку. Купил Crysis. :)
  • -DES-embak : Crysis cost only € 2,49 this weekend on Origin. It's on the price for one chocolate , or for one beer , or two coffees only. Guys - please who still not own original Crysis license - Buy now on Origin from here: «link» Ребята - большие скидки в Origin - сейчас Crysis очень дешевый.
  • desislava : :)
  • ~DES~Ra : :x
  • desislava : hi all :)
  • -DES-VDGS : А их че перед выходом на ринг не проверяют? :idea:
  • -DES-embak : В руки Пулева - нету ничего, но в руки Кличко .....
  • -DES-embak : Но что есть в руки Кличко ? Думаю что-то не очень хорошо. «link» вот смотри
  • -DES-stas2012 : всем привет.Кличко настоящий Украинский козак :grin:
  • -DES-embak : :evil: да ето так. Кличко хорошее всех :mrgreen:
  • -DES-VDGS : Embak бокс посмотрел), жаль вашего бойца)) Но Кличко живее двигался, видимо поэтому и победил))
  • -DES-embak : Read your PM please SUCUN
  • SUCUN : Shitman....come back!!
  • -DES-VDGS : привет Desi :x привет Embak :twisted: )
  • desislava : privet Emo :)
  • desislava : :-o
  • desislava : :twisted:
  • -DES-embak : :twisted:
  • -DES-alpHa : done !
  • -DES-embak : confirmed, read answer pls
  • -DES-alpHa : Embak, please confirm receipt of 03 PMs :cool:
  • -DES-embak : ok my friend
  • -DES-alpHa : i'll send it as soon as possible
  • -DES-embak : :grin:
  • -DES-embak : Ok, my friend, I will :)
  • -DES-alpHa : embak, send me the text to translate !
  • -DES-embak : Привет, скоро будем возобновить :evil: только Шитман ждем (когда он возмет свой комп из мастерскую)
  • -DES-Nostradamus : Hi all! Привет всем!
  • -DES-embak : :twisted: yea, we with Succun and few other old clan members wait for Shitman (to get him computer from service repair centre) and will begin our old crysis fun matches :evil:

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Crysis Multiplayer patch download from << here >> & Crysis Wars Multiplayer Download free from here
Скачать Мультиплеерный патч для Crysis << отсюда >>  а Мультиплеерный патч для Crysis Wars отсюда

Crysis multiplayer patch without GameSpy are based upon Ralf “Hawkeye” Ulrich work. It represents an independent advancement of Desislava’s Crysis Wars Phoenix 2.1.
(or 1.2 too) In Crysis version is 1.1
(C), eng. Emil Manov jan, 2011
Special thanks to my teacher Ralf “Hawkeye” Ulrich ( all who I know for SSM are from Ralf Ulrich’s code )Rest in peace Hawkeye, we will never forget you





o Compatible with Phoenix(AntiCheat)

o New filesystem and new structure

o Optimized functions and new functions

o Now !reload reloades also ChatCommands, a serverrestart is not needed

o Simplyfied Code (clearly arranged and free from old code and function “ruins”)

o xml-Bansystem, data can be automatically retrofit by PHOENIX (adjustable)

o ChatCommand for complete ingame administration of the bansystem (relating to ban-data)

o 3 level Anti-High-Ping

o Stop-Teamfire function

o New kill/died/headshot displayable as bigcentermessage

o Nomad function (reminder of creating a new profile)

o 2 level equipment function (Maps containing vehicles, only infantry maps)

o Revised Killstreak version with Double-/Triple-/Multi- Kill

o Revised Most Wanted function

o Revised chatcommands

o AFK function (save area for ingame absence)

o FunnyName-function as from now also for forbidden playernames

o Chat-Spam-function

o Server-Spam-massages can be added InGame (temporary messages)

o New LevelSetup function (Xsetup totally removed)

o The output of LevelSetup is usable programmcode

o New Autoteambalance, scaleable in seconds (adjustable)

o New Logfunctionen: ChatLog, ServerEvent, Connection, ServerBan (adjustable)

o Function to request spectators to join, else kick

o Totally revised ConsoleLog for players and admins

o Information of shooters after death (name, suitmode, suit-energie, vitality)

o Revised lock function (shows owner and unlocks vehicle automatically, if last owner disconnected)

o HitControl (show you the current suit and helth or vehicle status from your enemy)

o Protected Admin and Premium Player Names

o and many more..

ChatCommands (almost NOT compatible with AEGIS)


Commands you can use in InGame Chat (All commands always have to start with ! )


Administration Commands (administrators can give admin rights to clan-core members with command !admin [name] temporaly for one day only)



!ammo                                                   Give ammo to Admin

!adduser [player] [rank]                             Add rank to specified player (in PS only)

!deluser [player] [rank]                              Delete rank to specified player (in PS only)

!admin                                                   AdminMode (GodMode), to deactivate type in command again

!say [server,center,big,admin][MESSAGE]       Send message to all

!warn [player] [message]                           Warn message to specified player

!unwarn [player] [message]                        UnWarn mesage to warned player

!warnings [player]                                    Show player warnings

!happy                                                   Only in PowerStruggle, starts HappyHour (everything for free)

!boot [playername]                                   Removes specified player from vehicle (if he is inside)

!addenergy [NK or US] [level]                     Add energy to team (work in PS mode only)

!team [player] [team NK or US]                  Change player team (from one to another team)

!bring [playername or all]                          Teleport specified player or all players behind yourself

!goto [playername]                                  Teleport you to player location

!unmute [playername]                              Stop mute player

!mute [playername]                                 Mutes specified player (chat), to deactivate type in command again

!premium                                              Command for clan-core members (work in progress)

!ingame [playername]                              Force spectator to enter in game

!pass [password]                                    Adds a Server-password

!nopass                                                Removes a Server-password

!reload                                                 Restarts server mod only(if commands not work)

!nextmap                                              Changes to next map in levelrotation

!rename [playername] [new name]               Renames specified playername into a new name

!players                                                Shows all players including theirs status in console

!events                                                 Viev players events

!pointlimit [pointlimit]                              Changes pointlimit of actual map, available in TIA and IA

!time [timelimit]                                     Changes timelimit, available in PS

!lookup [player]                                      Give in console more info for player -IP, ID number and more

!punish [playername] [time] [reason]          Punish specified player for a specified time and specified reason (Player cannot grab an item, player cannot use a vehicle)

!megapunish [player] [time] [reason]          Punish specified player for a specified time and specified reason (Player cannot grab an items, player cannot use a all vehicles)

!setenergy [team NK or US] [level]             Set energy to team-need to know energy auto drain to team who get more energy sites

!unpunish [playername]                           Stops punishment

!pos [save or load]                                 Save or load your spawn position on map (for clan-core members admins and moderators)

!kick [playername] [time] [reason]            Kicks specified player for a specified time and specified reason, reason is visible for all players

!permaban [playername] [reason]             Permanent Bans specified player for a specified reason, reason is visible for all players

!ban [player] [reason]                            Ban player (ban will be removed if server restart) reason is visible for all

!banlist                                               Show permanent bans

!unban [player]                                    Remove permanent ban from player

!map [gamerules] [mapname]                 Starts specified map with specified gamerules. Gamerules: ia, tia or ps Mapname: Complete name or fragment.

!mapreload                                          Reload map (restart map).

!commands                                         Shows all ChatCommands (Admin commands are hidden, if you are not admin)

!gaussparty                                         Start a Party with the gauss hand Weapon for all

!iceparty                                         Start a Party with the freeze hand Weapon for all

!tacparty                                           Start a Party with the tac hand Weapon for all

!basookaparty                                      Start a Party with the basooka hand Weapon for all

!hurricaneparty                                    Start a Party with the hurricanne hand Weapon for all

!spawn [vehiclename]                           Spawns a vehicle in a map and stores

[vtol] = “US_vtol”,

[heli] = “Asian_helicopter”;

[lol] = “US_trolley”;

[car] = “Civ_car1″;

[truck] = “Asian_truck”;

[aaa] = “Asian_aaa”;

[apcnk] = “Asian_apc”;

[apcus] = “US_apc”;

[tank] = “US_tank”;

[hover] = “US_hovercraft”;

[asv] = “US_asv”;

[ltv] = “US_ltv”;

[boot1] = “Civ_speedboat”;

[boot2] = “Asian_patrolboat”;

!equip [player] [item]                            Equip specified player with weapon or ammo (can not be used to equip players with vehicles)

[ SCAR , FY71 , Shotgun , SMG , Hurricane , AY69 , DSG1 , GaussRifle , Claymore , AVMine , FragGrenade , LockpickKit , RepairKit , TACGun ,

RadarKit , EMPGrenade , FlashbangGrenade , SmokeGrenade , C4 , LAW , FGL40 , RadarKit , Binoculars , SOCOM , AlienMount , MOARAttach ]

!bunker [E3,D3,D4,C7 or All] [team]         Assign bunker (bunkers) to team (NK or US) – in Mesa only

!fun                                                   Make blue sphere for fun

!lsd                                                   LSD drug color spheres (can be seen only from players in server) new enter players no see!

!award [PLAYERNAME] [PP] [CP]             Give money and prestige in PS mode

!pay [playername OR nk OR us OR all] [pp] [cp]  Pay money to player or to US team or to NK team or to all players – to see result open console with ~  and look

!roundlimit [ROUNDTIME] [SCORE- OR FRAGLIMIT]    Set limit of the current round

!hunter                                              add big Alien on the map-he follow admin

!pingspoof [PLAYERNAME] [PING]            make false ping to that player (when players press tab will see false ping)


Player Commands :


!admins                                              Show all server administrators (open console with ~ to see administrators)

!members                                           Show all server administrators, moderators, Clan and Core members (open console with ~ to see all members)

!airstrike                                             Call airstrike and bomb enemy base – need to be GEN to use command (in PS only) ans cost 2000 pp

!base                                                 Teleport you to your base (only in Power Struggle game type) – for protect your base

!commands                                         Show this commands list (to admin show all, but to Player show players commands only)

!name [newname]                                Rename yourself

!clock                                                Show local server time. (where server is located)

!clone                                                Make clone to blame enemy

!reset                                                Resets player score

!status                                               Show server status (more info)

!prices                                               Shows actual server prices (for PS only)

!report [playername] [reason]                 Reports specified player to an admin (with reason)

!pm [playername] [your message]            Sends a private message to specified player(visible for sender, recipient and admins)

!flare                                                 Shots a flare

!firework                                            Shots firework (variable Version)

!jump                                                Do a big jump (devided into two levels with specified altitude, can also be disabled)

!superjump                                         Do a super big jump (devided into two levels with specified altitude, can also be disabled)

!afk                                                   Join save area for ingame absence – that command is temporaly DISABLED because players use him unfair

!out [playername or all]                         Kicks the specified player or all players out of your vehicle

!vote kick [PLAYER NAME]                      Vote for kick player (work for Crysis Wars) – In Crysis-1 have another command

!yes                                                  Reply to a vote with “yes”

!no                                                   Reply to a vote with “no”

!taxi                                                 Spawn a Armed Hovercraft – cost 100 in in Power Struggle game mode

!jeep                                                 Spawn a Armed Jeep  – cost 100 in in Power Struggle game mode

!tank                                               Spawn a Armed Small Tank  – cost 200 in in Power Struggle game mode

!truck                                               Spawn a Armed Truck  – cost 100 in in Power Struggle game mode

!police                                              Spawn a Police car  – cost 100 in in Power Struggle game mode

!transfer [PLAYERNAME] [PP]                  Transfer money – but only to your teammates

!lock                                                  Lock your vehicle

!unlock [playername or all]                     Unlock your vehicle for specified player or for all


ConsoleCommands (need to open console with ~ key ) – for better server protection CONSOLE are temporaly DISABLED


The following commands you can directly use in the CrysisWars-DedicatedServer cmd window

kick {“player”, “reason”}                                   “Kicks a specified player. [PLAYERNAME] [REASON]”

map {“gamerules”, “mapname”}                         “Changes map [RULES: ia tia ps] [MAPNAME]”

map_next                                                      ”Go to next level”

map_time {“timelimit”}                                     “Set the time left in a match. [TIME]”

kill {“player”, “count”}                                       Kill player

say {“messagetype”, “message”}                         “Sends a message to players. [server/center/big/admin] [MESSAGE]”

warn {“player”, “message”}                               “Warns a player with message [PLAYERNAME] [MESSAGE]”

punish {“player”, “pduration”, “reason”}               “Punishes a player for a given amount of time. [PLAYERNAME] [TIME] [REASON]”

megapunish {“player”, “pduration”, “reason”}         “Punishes/mutes a player for the duration, and erases their score/rank. [PLAYERNAME] [TIME] [REASON]”

unpunish {“player”}                                          “Takes a player out of the penalty box. [PLAYERNAME]”

rename {“player”, “newname”}                           ”Renames a player. [PLAYERNAME] [NEWNAME]”

team {“player”, “team”}                                    “Switches a player to a given team. [PLAYERNAME] [TEAM nk/us]”

mute {“player”}                                               “Mutes a player. [PLAYERNAME]”

unmute {“player”}                                            “Unmutes a player. [PLAYERNAME]”

unban {“player”}                                              “Unbans bans a player from the server. [PLAYERNAME]”

permaban {“player”, “reason”}                             “Permanently bans a player from the server. [PLAYERNAME] [REASON]”

ban {“player”, “duration”, “reason”}                      “Bans a player from the server. [PLAYERNAME] [TIME] [REASON]”

boot {“player”}                                               ”Removes a player from his vehicle”

spawn {“player”, “distance”, “class”}                    ”spawn [playername] [distance] [class]”

spawn_vehicle {“player”, “distance”, “class”, “mod”}  “spawn_vehicle [playername] [distance] [class] [mod]”

reload                                                           “Reloads commands and mod”

give {“player”, “item”}                                      ”Gives the specified item to the player.”

remove_class {“class”}                                      ”remove_class [class]”

remove_id {“id”}                                             “remove_id [entity id]”

remove_name {“eName”}                                  ”remove_name [entity name]”

award {“player”, “pp”, “cp”}                               “Gives pp and cp to a player. [PLAYERNAME] [PP] [CP]”


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